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miggo Pictar Pro Charge Smartphone DSLR Camera Grip

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miggo, MW-PT-PRC BS 80, miggo Pictar Pro Charge Smartphone DSLR Camera Grip - The Picta Po Chage Smatphoe DSLR Camea Gip fom Mig...
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Miggo pictar pro charge smartphone dslr camera grip,MW-PT-PRC BS 80 - Giving you control of your phone's camera via physical buttons is just the start. When you simultaneously press both controls on the top of the grip, you will initiate Qi wireless charging from the grip the phone. In addition to DSLR functionality, the NAME grip also features a built-in battery to help recharge your Qi-compatible smartphone.

If the lighting conditions are making it hard to use your phone's screen, just attach the included viewfinder to the grip. Manual Camera Controls via Pictar App; Built-In Cold Shoe

DSLR Style Smartphone Camera Grip; Automatic & Detachable Viewfinder; Built-In Battery & Qi Phone Charging;

Cypher Satin-Finish Brass Body; It can also switch between front and rear cameras Exposure Compensation Wheel: Provides complete light control Smart Wheel: This lets you select between 9 pre-loaded camera modes to accommodate most photographic scenarios; Shutter Release: Pressing it will take a photo, but it also supports a half press for focusing and exposure lock, just like a real camera Rocker Zoom Switch: It provides you with the ability to smoothly, and precisely, zoom in and out on your subject.

Near instant pairing between the Pictar Pro Charge and your phone via Pictar's ultrasonic connection. The ultrasonic connection is different from Bluetooth, as it uses high voice frequencies to transmit information between the grip and the phone, which is engineered to save battery life.; Ultrasonic Pairing Between Phone & Grip;

The Pictar app also offers a wide array of professional features: Manual, shutter, and ISO priority modes Exposure compensation TIFF and RAW format support Histogram Grid and level indicators Split focus Exposure points and much more; Press the buttons again to stop the charging process.; Control Camera with 4 Physical Buttons;

The wind instrument grip gives you four different physical controls for one-handed adjustment of your phone's camera. 1/4"-20 Threaded Tripod Mount; Shark-Skin Type Slip-Free Grip;

The grip will automatically detect the viewfinder and the Pictar app will shrink the size of your display to viewfinder size; All of the button functions are customizable, except for the shutter release.





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