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  1. Vanished - (Greywalker) by Kat Richardson (Paperback)
  2. Poltergeist - (Greywalker Novels (Paperback)) by Kat Richardson (Paperback)
  3. Downpour - (Greywalker Novels (Paperback)) by Kat Richardson (Paperback)
  4. Seawitch - (Greywalker Novels (Paperback)) by Kat Richardson (Paperback)
  5. Revenant - (Greywalker) by Kat Richardson (Paperback)
  6. With the Lightnings
  7. Good-Natured Riot : The Birth of the Grand Ole Opry (Reprint) (Paperback) (Charles K. Wolfe)
  8. Exit from Grace
  9. Lisa と にほん の がっこう
  10. Linda Lael Miller COWBOY WAY, THE
  11. Paramount Studios Television The Jeff Dunham Show (DVD)
  12. Verify
  13. Verify
  14. Me and Mr. Darcy: A Novel
  15. Mr. Darcy's Proposal
  16. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy (The Darcy Saga)
  17. Definitely Not Mr. Darcy
  18. Life After Life: